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November 7, 2020
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November 8, 2020
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Posted on 04 November 2020 The politics of the moment should not distract us from our ultimate goal, says Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, WWF International global lead for climate and energy.

(4 November 2020) – The US government’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement takes effect today, exactly one year after formally notifying the UN of its intention to do so.

The agreement, approved in December 2015, commits 195 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to keep warming well below 2°C, while striving for 1.5°C.

Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, WWF’s global climate and energy lead said: “The withdrawal of the US from the global climate accord comes into effect at a time when countries like China, Japan, Korea, and the European Union, among others, are committing to net-zero targets and working to strengthen their 2030 climate plans. This is in line with what climate scientists have warned we need to do if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

“The politics of the moment should not distract us from our ultimate goal. Unstoppable global momentum for climate action gives leaders the support they need to act decisively. Already cities, states, companies, and the public – in the US and the world – are showing their support for climate action by making their own net-zero commitments, and are contributing to creating low-carbon economies from the bottom up. Coalitions for collaborative action, such as We Are Still In and Alliances for Climate Action, show the potential of collaboration to create a safe future for us all.”

See the statement from WWF-US here: https://www.worldwildlife.org/press-releases/wwf-statement-on-the-us-withdrawal-from-the-paris-agreement

See the statement from We Are Still In here: https://www.wearestillin.com/paris-withdrawal-2020

For more information, contact Mandy Jean Woods mwoods@wwfint.org