About Us

LATIN – The Indonesian Tropical Institute is a Non Governmental Organization that was established on 5 October 1989 in Bogor. This NGO was established with the spirit of goals to develop natural resources management, particularly addressing forest resources with democratic approach and justice. Activities being conducted by LATIN are as much as possible use the mentioned approach to achieve the ultimate goal of upholding  the spirit of justice and democratic. Following are examples of LATIN’s activities covering sustainable forest area through inter-stakeholder partnership and granting access to the community  in a form of social forestry, village forest, community forest plantation and partnership.

Instead of the above mentioned, LATIN addresses and works on capacity building for forest stakeholders in order to develop partnership in the forest management. In addition, LATIN supports the spirits of marginalized community self-sufficient who are living around the forest. The people are expected to develop natural resources potentiality around their living space and they could earn significant income and produce a positive impact for increasing their self-confidence and bargaining position of the community in forest management partnership.

For achieving the LATIN’s goal, a number of community assistance both for direct community assistance and partnership are developed. A number of training for partners and communities have been held to increase technical skills, knowledge and managerial. In summary training activities being handled by LATIN are as follow:

Community-based Natural Resources Management Workshop

Workshop on Planning of Making Community Forestry Work,

Basic training for facilitator,

Workshop of Pencil Sketch

Community Development Facilitator Training

GIS Training – ArcView: Basic Traning, mapping and Spatial Analysis, GIS Training of Basic Training, Mapping and Spatial Analysis.

In running activities, LATIN received supports from various donor institutions, private sector and government. Organizations that have worked and been doing partnership with LATIN are as follow: International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), International Development Research Center (IDRC), RECOFTC, FAO, Yayasan Kehati, PT Tirta Investama, BSP Kemala, Ford Foundation, Yayasan Kehati, Millenium Callenge Account – Indonesia (MCAI), Japan International Cooperation Agency Indonesia (JICA), Partnership for Governance Reform, DFID.

By this time, LATIN has produced books with topics on Community Empowerment in Forest Resources. There are 13 books were released by LATIN. For supporting the development and knowledge on Natural Resources Management, LATIN has a pool of books collection, a library of collection of 2657 books, 385 journals, 708 reports, 27 thesis, 75 papers, 1462 daily diaries, and 211 proceedings.

At this time, LATIN is located at jl. Sutera No. 1 Bogor Barat, BOGOR with legality is legalized by the Notariat Act : Perubahan Akte Yayasan Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia No. 2 tanggal 9 April 2007 , notaris : Ny. Sri Haryati Zahruddin, SH