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July 17, 2021
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July 17, 2021
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By Happy Tarumadevyanto – FSC Working Group Member of Policy for Association, Certification Specialist 

Currently, FSC is revising the PfA to make it more adaptive to current forestry developments. In addition to improving the performance of FSC in order to have a high competitive power with other certification standards, regional policy developments have an effect on PfA in general.

Indonesia’s position and understanding of the PfA need to be more clearly elaborated.  Indonesia as a country that has the 3rd largest tropical forest in the world, needs an understanding of these new elements within PfA.

  1. Conduct intensive discussions so that the association’s members can better understand PfA’s understanding in the Indonesian context. So that the interests and concerns of Indonesia’s stakelders can be conveyed
  2. Understanding of Control in a company that has partners and other subsidiaries
  3. What is a clear threshold to distinguish between forest operations and other businesses? If a company and its family are engaged in the mining or palm oil sector, the boundaries are clear and as to whether or not Forest Operations can be acceptable within the corridor of FSC PfA.
  4. In the PfA, it is stated that apart from other business, it is also the supply chain. To what extent are these supply chain limitations enforced? If there is one supply chain that does not use its rights as a member of the FSC such as promoting the FSC and does not use the logo, is that included in the provisions of the PfA?
  5. What is the definition of the forest if it is directly adjacent to a national park? How to explain forest operations and other activities around forest operations that are influential and become one of the assessments at PfA.
  6. What is the landscape perspective in forest management and who is directly or indirectly affected by the existence of this forest operation?
  7. Clients or prospective FSC members go through many processes prior to being associated with FSC and how due diligence is carried out considering that FSC itself seems busy with many incoming applications. [about 500 applications for forest operation and supply chain]