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March 9, 2021
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March 9, 2021
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Published: Tuesday, March 09 th, 2021


  • On 02 March 2021, the Food Securities Fund successfully started operations.
  • Its first investment, disbursed on 08 March 2021, supports coffee production in East Africa, reaching almost 4’000 smallholder farmers operating in agroforestry systems, utilizing organic and regenerative practices.

The Food Securities Fund provides working capital loans to sustainable agriculture companies in emerging and developing markets. It has been developed by Clarmondial with input from leading institutional investors, agribusinesses, and conservation organizations.

The Food Securities Fund starts operations with investment from an unnamed investor that is focused on investing in sustainable land use in the tropics.

Clarmondial and the Food Securities Fund are grateful for the generous support provided by the Good Energies FoundationUSAID and US DFCConvergenceConservation InternationalWWF USA, and the Global Environment Facility, among other funders and backers.

Johannes van de Ven, Good Energies Foundation, highlighted that: “the Food Securities Fund strengthens agricultural supply chains by promoting sustainable practices and supporting smallholder farmers in emerging and developing markets.”

Joan Larrea, Convergence, noted that: “the Food Securities Fund was an exciting prospect at its early stages when Convergence awarded it design funding, and it has developed into a compelling investment strategy, combining financial returns with social and environmental impact, in a vehicle suitable to attract private capital at scale.”

* Clarmondial acts as an investor advisor to the Food Securities Fund. This announcement does not constitute an offer or solicitation to any person in any jurisdiction to purchase or sell any shares. No information in this blog post should be construed as providing financial, investment, tax or other professional advice.