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November 29, 2020
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December 1, 2020
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I wanted to let you know that we (myself, Nick Schfield and Rachel McDonnell) are editing a special Issue of Water journal on “managing climate risks to water security’, and you may like to submit your paper. 
As many of you know, over 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress (United Nations 2019) and about 4 billion people across the planet experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year (Mekonnen and Hoekstra 2016). And climate change is the key driver with increasingly intense and variable effects. 

However, knowledge and practice of climate risk management across the water sector still remains limited. Even when there is some progress on science, water governance still suffers from democratic engagement between government, stakeholders and citizens (Richter 2014). 
This Special Issue invites contributions that demonstrate new insights into principles, planning, policies, strategies, and operational solutions to managing climate risks to ensure water security. Papers can take any theoretical or methodological approaches but are encouraged to showcase examples from around the world.

More info and how to submit is here:

We look forward to receiving your paper on this critical challenge that humanity is facing. 
Best regards, Hemant Ojha, PhD ( Institute for Study and Development Worldwide (IFSD)Sydney, Australia