Realizing Social Forestry as a Community Economic Driver Through a Transdisciplinary Approach
August 24, 2021
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August 31, 2021
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Should palm oil buyers adopt strict cross-commodity, no-deforestation policies? Recommending a new report by Aidenvironment, launched today, supported by Good Energies Foundation, on opportunities for refiners to save more tropical forests. As evidenced, traders who claim to implement the so-called No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation policies for palm oil are still exposed to deforestation, and forests in #Indonesia and #Malaysia continues to be cleared. To safeguard intact equatorial forests, the world’s largest palm oil refiners should urgently adopt strict cross-commodity no-deforestation policies. Nowadays, deforestation and responsible companies are easily detectable, and responsible traders should already be monitoring key landscapes in Indonesia and Malaysia. The ultimate aim of palm oil buyers should be to have business partners that are deforestation-free on all their businesses. It’s indeed time to stop eating deforestation on our menu.. Our gratitude to Annemieke BeekmansAlbert ten KateAuriane GermémontChris WiggsGeoanna Corneby, Marco Tulio Garcia, Okita Minaringrum and Sri Wahyuni for their leadership and vision. Unless the flow of traders and refiners becomes nature-positive, we will continue to finance ourselves into extinction… 🙏🏾🌏🌳