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November 4, 2020
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November 4, 2020
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First the silverback slithers down a massive Myrianthus tree, then one by one the rest of the family clambers and slides down tall tree trunks after a treetop feast of Myrianthus fruits in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC.

These are Grauer’s or #EasternLowlandGorillas, the largest sub-species of #gorilla, and this #silverback, Chimanuka, is therefore one of the biggest #primates on earth – but that doesn’t stop him climbing 30m up in the canopy when his favourite fruits are ripe! Soon afterwards we caught up with the family having a siesta in the shade under a thicket, resting after all that exertion…

Several Ape Alliance​ members support ICCN​ in protecting these critically endangered primates, including The Gorilla Organization​, Pole Pole Foundation​, Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e.V.​, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International​, Primate Expertise​; and also the Wildlife Conservation Society​.


Ian Redmond  

Wildlife Consultant, Author, Lecturer, TV&VR: Naturalist by birth, biologist by training, conservationist by necessity.