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July 14, 2021
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July 14, 2021
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Job Description

This is a PepsiCo career opportunity. This position is in PepsiCo APAC. Please log onto www.pepsicojobs.com/main/china to find more career possibilities in PepsiCo China.

– The AMESA-APAC Positive Agriculture and Global Ag Water Program will support solutions development and deployment for the PepsiCo Positive Agriculture goal for key ingredients as well as coordinating PepsiCo’s global irrigation water use efficiency initiative.  This position will enable the business to deliver the PepsiCo Positive Agriculture agenda through development and application of risk mitigation and productivity solutions which will also protect corporate reputation and deliver business value.  This position will require collaboration and coordination with other functions within PepsiCo – including Global Procurement, the PEP Foundation, Public Policy & Government Affairs, and Operations – as well as with relevant forums and strategic external partners.

– Support the AMESA-APAC Sr. Manager for developing and deploying solutions in support of the PepsiCo Positive Regenerative Agriculture goal for key ingredients 
  – Engage with BU and Sector teams as well as external partners to understand future risks and opportunities
  – Work closely with other key resources in the Global Sustainability Office to ensure consistent global program delivery 
  – Coordination of field based activities to ensure the timely and accurate collection of primary supplier and farm based data in support of solutions development ad proof points
  – Engage with other functions including the PepsiCo Foundation, PPGA, Communications and R&D
  – Provide guidance to the teams to meet Sustainable Farming Program requirements (e.g. preparing for and following up on verifications etc.). 
  – Manage contracting, budget execution and forecasting with external partners 
  – Advise Agro teams and Procurement on executional plans, progress and AOP implications
– Develop and manage strategic partnerships and effectively leverage third-party resources
  – Identify and develop collaboration opportunities (with peer companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government) to address locally-relevant risks and opportunities
  – Identify and vet local solution providers (external companies/organizations) that can be leveraged for the deployment of impact projects.  
  – Seek out proven solutions (e.g. agronomic practices, technologies, tools) that enhance agricultural sustainability and support the PepsiCo Positive / Agriculture agenda.
– Coordinate the sector implementation and reporting of progress for PepsiCo’s agricultural irrigation water use efficiency goal at global level 
  – Coordinate agro teams and key consultants executing data collection & analysis and identification of opportunities
  – Report creation and support communication and engagement of water targets and progress at sector and country level but also at interdepartmental and upper management level if requested
  – Track and coordinate implementation and progress of the action plans with the sectorial SFP Deployment Leads; support teams to update the plans as necessary.  
  – Create capacity building at global level through the global “Water Champions” network, support innovation farm trials and collaborations (e.g. 3rd parties/external companies)  across sectors and support the lift and shift globally
  – Ability to understand and communicate a complex model for water use efficiency modelling.
– Track, interpret and communicate impact 
  – Communicate requirements and ensure acquisition of impact-specific data according to the improvement plans as well as to meet internal & external reporting requirements
  – Interpret data and integrate learnings back into the “solutions network” 
  – Communicate impact to senior leadership within sector operations and procurement

– Demonstrating progress in delivering key Regenerative Ag and Livelihoods metrics and outcomes.
– Developing an executional roadmap to achieve 100% Sustainable Ingredients in accordance with the corporate objective
– Supporting sector resources in developing an executional strategy and delivering the greenhouse gas reduction and climate resilience plans in key countries 

Work Relationships:
– Sustainability Office
– Regional Agro Operations
– Global Procurement
– Agricultural Discovery & Sustainability (AD&S)
– Human Rights Operating Council (HROC)
– Sustainable Agriculture Industry Forums (e.g. SAI Platform)
– Agricultural Input/Service Providers (e.g. Bayer, Yara, Netafim)
– local/global non-governmental organizations (e.g. WWF, Solidaridad, Technoserve)

External Position Title

Sustainability Associate Manager

Qualifications / Requirements

– Education & Certifications
  – Undergraduate degree in related field
  – Master’s degree preferred
– Work Experience
  – 5+ years’ experience in the sustainable agriculture space
  – Leveraging sustainable agriculture programs and practices to build sustainability and drive impact
– Differentiating Competencies
  – Strong understanding of key agricultural sustainability opportunities and challenges for the food and beverage industry 
  – Ability to remain tactical and results-oriented in ambiguous, complex and less-structured environments 
  – Strong time management skills, ability to handle multiple projects, set priorities and plan
  – Outstanding collaborator with proven communication skills and business orientation
  – Highly motivated individual with a passion for sustainability
  – Proven skill in influencing and negotiating to foster alignment and drive follow-through 
  – Able to effectively work with people from all walks of life (varying cultures, standards of living, education) and levels of the organization to use influence to drive results
  – Demonstrated experience implementing sustainability programs in multiple areas:
    – Social sustainability and human rights in agriculture
    – Regenerative, Climate & Water Smart Agriculture 
    – Mechanisms for building capacity with large, medium and/or small hold farmers and farming systems
    – Behavior change through farmer engagement 
    – Decision/Precision Agriculture tools and technologies

Relocation Package Type

Not Applicable

Job Category

Logistics Distribution and Supply Chain

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