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June 29, 2021
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by Happy Tarumadevyanto

Stakeholder Engagement, Certification Specialist

The Forestry Sector seems to be importantly upholding the partnership. The partnership contributes positively to the acceleration of national development, especially in the forestry sector.

The partnership is an integral part of the development of various sectors to achieve common goals. The forestry sector itself requires partnership support from various parties to bolster sustainable development.

Partnership in Governance or Governance in Partnership?

Forestry as one of the important sectors in this country has tremendous potential values. This extraordinary value deserves to be an attractive domain to manage the resources as great and good as possible. The existence of the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment is expected to make a positive contribution to the development of forestry in Indonesia and responsible environmental management.

These extraordinary potential values need to be handled carefully and stay referring to sustainable development because it is considered a high potentiality of a renewable resources.

Partnership in natural resource management includes the Forestry sector that refers to careful consideration of the interests of stakeholders.

With optimal growth capability due to its position in a tropical country, forestry actors in the field should compete in developing forestry programs and reducing deforestation rates through rehabilitation activities.

In subsequent development, forestry sector in Indonesia involves facilities and infrastructure that support the development of a holistic forestry business. Therefore activities should also cover the aspects of social, economic and environmental issues that are interconnected with each other.

The forestry sector needs to develop partnership knowledge due to forestry involves different interest stakeholders. To achieve sustainable development, the process and progress of partnership development need intensive attention so that its effectiveness is visible and feasible.

It is impossible to manage the forests zone only by individuals because the forests itself has a high social function. This means that many social elements in the forests need to work together to maintain and care for the forest ecosystem in it. It is a joint work that needs to work hand in hand and partner with each other.

Likewise, the forestry sector plays a significant role in empowering and maintaining resources that can support people’s life on earth. In the process towards a synergistic partnership, it is necessary to understand the goals of each party and the common goals of the parties who will jointly be achieving the same goals.

Various forms of partnership have been implemented to promote effective forestry development. Therefore, the forestry sector is ranked 3rd after textiles and mining and contributes significantly to the country. That is the reason behind the importance to support forestry sector work as effectively as possible in this region. 

This high potential of the forestry sector needs to be bridged by good handling of the forestry itself.  Good handling of Forestry Sector known as forest governance. Forest governance has broad dimensions and includes social, economic, and environmental elements. All of them involve certain disciplines and across generations as well as various kinds of expertise. Various kinds of expertise in the context of good forest management certainly will need good cooperation.

Forests governance has experienced its ups and downs situation from time to time. However, the challenges of sustainable management are still in the eyes’ front to provide forest resources for life as sustainably as possible.

Accelerating Social Forestry Program

The government, for example, encourages the acceleration of Social Forestry in this country and one of the ways is to stimulate the process of internalization and cooperation among stakeholders in the Forestry community.  Through the Social Forestry program, the government seeks to get closer to local communities by realizing the ideals of the local community’s and wider society’s welfare.

The government hopes that by providing access to land management and other supporting elements, the community supports government programs in improving people’s welfare.

A partnership is a cooperation between parties to achieve common goals. On this occasion, it is important to develop partnerships with respective stakeholders to realize development goals.  In these partnership activities, each party understands the functions, rights, and obligations and respects each other. that provide mutual opportunities with those who work with us.



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