2016 – 2017    

  • The Green Prosperity Project Community – Based Natural Resource Managemen Grant Agreement

(Proyek Kemakmuran Hujau Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Manusia), SOLOK Sumatra Barat

In cooperation with:  Millenium Challlenge Account – Indonesia



  • Participatory Need Assessment by the Community in Cicurug and Cidahu Sub District – Sukabumi

Supported by : PT. Tirta Investama

  • Linking Communities in Shouthest Asia to Forestry Related Voluntary Carbon Market

Supported by : FAO

  • Community-Level Climate Change Asdaptation anf Implications for REDD+

Supported by : RECOFTC


2011 – 2012

  • Membangun Pilot Project Sinergi SVLK dengan REDD+ dan VCM Pada Hutan Yang Dikelola Komunitas

Supported by : Yayasan Kehati – MFP2 Transisi


2010 – 2011

  • Tropical Forest Conservation for Reducing Emisiin from Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhacing Carbon Stocks in Meru Betiri National Park, Indonesia

Supported by : ITTO


2009 – 2012

  • Project of Tropical Forest Conservation for REDD and Enhancing Carbon Stocks in Meru Betiri National Park, West Java, Indonesia
  • Collaboration Program betwen Research Center of Climate Change and Policy (Minitry of Forestry), Meru Betiti National Park

Supported by : ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organization) and Seven & I holding Company Japan


2008 – 2009

  • Community Based Forest Management throught Community Forestry Field School as an Effort to Increase Income of People Living in Forest Area

Supported by : Japan International Cooperation Agency Indonesia (JICA)


2007 – 2008

  • Mendorong Mekanisme Kompensasi Pengurangan Emisi di Sektor Kehutanna Yang Berkeadilan (Fostering Fair and Equitable Compensation Mechanism of Emission Reduction from the Forestry Sector

Supported by : Parteneship for Governance Reform



  • Strengthening Local Community by Initiating Community Forestry Farmer Field School and Research in Consumption and Distribution

Supported by : Yayasan Kemala



  • Promoting Good Forest Governance through Knowlegde Sharing

Supported by : International Development Research Center (IDRC) Canada



  • Making Community Forestry Work (DFID CW018)

Supported by : DFID



  • Making Community Forestry Work (DFID 0120/0807/002)

Supported by : DFID



  • Menyelenggarakan Lokakarya SYMFOR (Silviculture and Yiels Management Model for Tropical Forest)

Supported by : DFID

  • A Network to Document and Assist Traditional Community Forestry (980.1358-1)

Supported by : Ford Foundation



  • Fostering a national Policy Frame work for community Based Natural Resource Management (Grant no. ME 80)
  • Reforming a Spatial Planning Policy in Indonesia through Incorporated Communty Mapping Methods (Grant no. ME 14)
  • Promoting people based Forestry System through Community wich Organizes, Policy Reform in Marketing Forest Products and Monitors of Social and Ecological impacts – policy and networking Components (Grant no. ME 22)

Supported by :  BSP Kemala


1999 – 2000

  • Intituting a Participatory Forestry Innitiative( Grant no. ME 48)

Supported by : BSP Kemala

  • Strengthening The Community Mapping Movement to Rezognize People’s Sovereignty Over Ntural Resources and Spatial Uses (Grant no. ME 61)

Supported by : BSP Kemala


1998 – 2000

  • Secretaiat operational cost and the Production of Outreach Materials for the Consortium of Community Based Forest Management System (980.1358-1)

Supported by : Ford Foundation


1998 – 2001

  • Field Project , Action Reseach and Policy Analisys to Support Community Forestry (940.1383-1)

Supported by : Ford Foundation



  • Strengthening Forest PolicyReseach, Environmental, Labeling, of Wood Product and Seminar for Forestry Faculty and Student   (940.1383-1)

Supported by : Ford Foundation