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CNN Indonesia | Tuesday, 03/11/2020 14:28 WIB
The State Secretary acknowledged mistakes in the text of the Ciptaker Law that Jokowi had signed, but only technical administration had no effect on its implementation. Minister of State Secretary Pratikno. (Doc. Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat / Muchlis Jr)

Mensesneg mengakui kekeliruan dalam naskah UU Ciptaker yang telah diteken Jokowi, namun hanya teknis administratif yang tak berpengaruh pada implementasinya.

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia РMinister of State Secretary (Mensesneg) Pratikno admitted errors in the omnibus law text of the Employment Creation Act (Ciptakerja Law) which even so, Pratikno stated that the mistake of Law number 11 of 2020 was technical administrative in nature.

“Today we find technical errors in writing in Law No. 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation. However, these mistakes are administrative in nature so they do not affect the implementation of the Job Creation Law,” said Pratikno in a message received by, Tuesday (3/11 ) noon.

He also emphasized that these technical mistakes became a note and input for his party to improve the quality of the law to be enacted.

“So that technical mistakes like this do not happen again,” said the man who was also known to have been UGM Rector.

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Pratikno explained that after the government received the Work Creation Bill documents from the DPR on October 14, the Ministry of State Secretariat immediately conducted a review.

“The Ministry of State Secretariat has conducted a review and found a number of technical errors. The Ministry of State Secretariat has also submitted it to the DPR Secretariat General to agree on the repairs,” he said.

After being signed by Jokowi on Monday (2/11) afternoon, the manuscript was uploaded to the official website of the State Secretariat (Setneg) that same day.

The manuscripts uploaded to the State Secretariat’s official website totaled 1,187 pages, more than the 812 pages deposited by the DPR in mid-October.

However, after 24 hours the manuscript was on the State Secretariat’s website, a number of parties who had downloaded it found errors or irregularities. One of the first things that sticks out is the irregularity in Article 6 which refers to Article 5.

President Jokowi leads the coal industry meeting, Friday (23/10). The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is said to have signed the Ciptaker Law on Monday afternoon, November 2, 2020. (Doc. Bureau of Presidential Secretariat / Kris)
Regarding this, DPR Baleg member Arteria Dahlan also questioned the irregularities.

Furthermore, the PDIP politician stated that he asked the government to return the text of the Ciptaker Law to the DPR Baleg. He said that his party would re-search and return the text of the Ciptaker Law in accordance with the agreement at the DPR Baleg.

“We are ready to return it and fix it straight away. The government will give the logo of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. We fix it so we don’t get noisy anymore. Arteria Dahlan is personally ready to repair it,” he said when contacted by, Tuesday.

On the one hand, Constitutional Law Expert Bivitri Susanti said the irregularities in this article could be brought to the Constitutional Court (MK) as evidence of the government’s lack of seriousness in working on the Ciptaker Law.

“This is an additional reason. It deserves to be canceled to abort all laws (Ciptaker). One of the articles cannot be implemented,” he said.

Bivitri assessed that the irregularities in this article were a form of deliberation of laws carelessly by the government.

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