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By: Arif Aliadi

The partnership is one of the community empowerment schemes which is the mandate of PP No.6 of 2007 jo PP No. 3 of 2008 concerning Forest Management and Formulation of Forest Management Plans, and Forest Utilization. Opportunities for developing partnerships exist in forest areas managed by the FMU (Forest Management Unit) system.

FMUs [Forest Management Unit] have a strategic role in implementing Law no. 41 of 1999 concerning Forestry in the framework of establishing Forest Management Areas as part of Forestry Planning. The FMU is expected to be a system that can better guarantee the realization of the sustainability of forest functions and benefits from economic, ecological, and social aspects.

Then, technically FMU development is regulated in a number of Ministerial Regulations as follows:

 Permenhut No. P.6/Menhut-II/2009 tentang Pembentukan Wilayah KPH
 Permenhut No. P.6/Menhut-II/2010 tentang NSPK (Norma, Standard, Prosedur dan Kriteria) Pengelolaan Hutan pada KPHL dan KPHP
 Permendagri No. 61 tahun 2010 tentang Pedoman Organisasi dan Tata Kerja KPHL dan KPHP
 Permenhut No. P.41/Menhut-II/2011 jo Permenhut No. P.54/2011 tentang Standar Fasilitasi Sarana dan Prasarana pada KPHL dan KPHP Model
 Permenhut No. P.42/Menhut-II/2011 tentang Kompetensi Teknis Bidang Kehutanan Pada KPHL dan KPHP

 Permenhut No. P.6 / Menhut-II / 2009 concerning Establishment of FMU Areas
 Permenhut No. P.6 / Menhut-II / 2010 concerning NSPK (Norms, Standards, Procedures and Criteria) for Forest Management in KPHL and KPHP
 Permendagri No. 61 of 2010 concerning Guidelines for the Organization and Work Procedures of KPHL and KPHP
 Permenhut No. P.41 / Menhut-II / 2011 in conjunction with Permenhut No. P.54 / 2011 concerning Standards for Facilitation of Facilities and Infrastructure in KPHL and KPHP Models
 Permenhut No. P.42 / Menhut-II / 2011 concerning Technical Competence in Forestry Sector at KPHL and KPHP

Based on Permenhut No. P.6 / Menhut-II / 2010, the FMU is mandated to create forest management blocks that allow collaboration between FMU managers and the community. In KPHL, there is a Utilization Block in the KPHL which includes a Collection Permit, HKm, HD, and certain areas. Meanwhile, in KPHK there is an Empowerment Block which includes a Utilization Permit, HKm, HD, and Certain Areas.

Partnership policy in FMUs

 Permenhut No. 39 of 2013 concerning Partnerships in Forest Management
 Permenhut No. 47 of 2013 concerning the KPH assignment scheme
 Blocking system: empowerment block in KPHP, utilization block in KPHL, traditional use block in KPHK

Partnership schemes that can be carried out in social forestry with KPH are included in the following table.