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July 10, 2021
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Happy Tarumadevyanto – Stakeholders Engagement, Certification Specialist 

Partnership in Governance or Governance in Partnership?

Forestry as one of the important sectors in this country has tremendous potential values. This extraordinary value deserves to be an attractive domain to manage the resources as great and good as possible.

The handling of the forestry sector, as well as other interesting sectors, needs to be done in an integrated manner with other sectors such as mining, agriculture, marine, and even industry. This is because the implications of forest management will intersect with the sectors as mentioned above.

The existence of the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment is decisive to make a significant contribution to the development of forestry in Indonesia and responsible environmental management.

Currently, the issue of Climate Change is a concern that has received a lot of attention and is closely related to the governance of forestry. Indonesia with the support of important sectors needs to prove its active involvement and contribution to climate change.

One of the government’s efforts through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry is to manage information, develop, monitor implementing activities for carbon credits.

Currently, Indonesia is in the spotlight as a country that has the potential to participate of reducing the global temperature of climate change. The participation of various parties is also necessary to encourage the implementation of this carbon emission reduction to be carried out properly.

For KLHK, [MoEF]  all carbon-based projects or activities must be within the corridors and regulations of the government. To register for carbon credit activities, the entrance is through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as the agency that issues regulations and permits in carbon-based management.

MOeF Setting Up a Carbon Initiative Registration or Registration Mechanism

What is Carbon initiative registration 

  • When should the registration be done?
  • How is the registration process and what must be fulfilled
  • Who monitors the NDF registration.
  • Why is there a need for government-centered registration

  • These extraordinary potential values need to be handled carefully and stay referring to sustainable development because it is considered a high potentiality of renewable resources.

Partnership in natural resource management includes the Forestry sector that refers to careful consideration of the interests of stakeholders.

With optimal growth capability due to its position in a tropical country, forestry actors in the field should compete in developing forestry programs and reducing deforestation rates through rehabilitation activities.


Review on Partnership and Sustainability How the Partnership can be directly proportional to contribute to sustainabilityPartnership and Sustainability continue… Partnership and sustainability efforts often discourse because they need adequate cooperation to establish a harmonized partnership so that sustainability can be realized. Various aspects of life in this world require synergetic cooperation by prioritizing common interests so those common goals can be realized.  More discourse on this issue…

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