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A Call for Proposals

In order to promote programmatic carbon market activities under Art. 6.2 of the Paris Agreement (PA), to gather practical experience and to draw conclusions for relevant design features of Art. 6.4 PA, the Foundation Future of the Carbon Market has decided to launch a call for proposals to fund the development of design documents for programmatic mitigation activities.

The aim of this initiative is to prepare market-based climate protection projects including related processes for the involvement of implementing countries, spur international efforts in particular with regards to programmatic approaches, and inform the international community on how carbon markets can contribute to raise ambition of national contributions to climate targets under the Paris Agreement.

Further information on specific objectives of the call, eligibility criteria, expected results, available funding, the application process and respective deadlines can be found in the accompanying information document and the dedicated concept note template

The call is open for the submission of proposals until 31 December 2020. The link to the online platform for uploading the proposal document(s) will be provided latest by 1 December 2020 on the Foundation’s website.

The Foundation is looking forward to receiving your proposal!

Best regards,

Martin Gauss


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Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department

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