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Year of publications: 2021

Place of publication: Rome, Italy

Other Entities Involved: UN-REDD

Pages: #60 p.ISBN: 978-92-5-134015-8

Author: Bradley, A. and Fortuna, S.

Publisher: FAOAgrovoc: tenureland rightsREDD-plusREDD-plus partnershipsustainable development


This technical paper emphasizes the opportunity that REDD+ and the global climate agenda represent for countries to engage more actively in securing land and resource rights for indigenous peoples and local communities. At the same time, it stresses how collective tenure rights represent a key element to achieve long-lasting and successful results for REDD+, contributing to addressing global climate change.

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​Bradley, A. and Fortuna, S. 2021. Collective tenure rights for REDD+ implementation and sustainable development. Rome, FAO. ​

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