March 19, 2021

Topic Standard Project for Waste

Source >>> The first globally applicable tool for reporters to communicate their waste impacts Why waste GRI 306: Waste 2020, which published in May 2020, introduces […]
March 18, 2021

The World’s Largest Food and Beverage Companies and Their Suppliers Must Do More to Create an Equitable and Sustainable Food System for All

Source >>> A new Oxfam report finds the world’s top food and beverage companies have improved global social and environmental policy commitments, but struggle to turn […]
March 18, 2021

‘You don’t need to be a biologist to save the planet’

NEWS Source >>> March 16, 2021 Keywords: GEF Voices Photo courtesy of Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Carlos Manuel Rodriguez became the Global Environment Facility’s fifth CEO and Chairperson in […]
March 18, 2021

Join us for a virtual excursion during the Urban Forestry Days

Source >>> Published March 15, 2021 by Vera Knill Cannot wait for the Urban Forestry Days (March 23-24, 2021) to be out in the forest? Our 1-minute conference trailer invites you […]
March 17, 2021

Rubber Industry Platform Aims to Halt Deforestation, Protect Human Rights

Source >>> Words by Nithin CocaMAR 15, 2021 Palm oil, cocoa, soy, bananas … and rubber? Despite a lower profile, natural rubber is a widely traded tropical […]
March 15, 2021

PEFC response to Greenpeace report “Destruction: Certified”

Source >>> 11 MARCH 2021 NEWS PEFC notes the concerns voiced by Greenpeace in a recent report, namely that ‘[c]ertification on its own has not helped companies […]
March 15, 2021

How to stop runaway deforestation? Look at Indonesia.

Grist / Kiyoshi Hijiki / Phototreat / Getty Images PEER PRESSURE Source >>> By Nathanael Johnson on Feb 19, 2021   Get weekly climate politics updates from Grist Subscribe To The First 100 […]
March 14, 2021

Circular Economy – How to Assess Risk Associated with Financing Circular Economy Projects

Source >>> Mr Dariusz Edward Prasekმარტი 13, 2021 at 1:04 pm213 ნახვა Mr Dariusz Edward Prasek Doctor in Environmental Engineering, Member of the United Nations Advisory Board […]