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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021
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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

As part of its mission to collaborate across the whole packaging value cycle to deliver more sustainable packaging solutions OPRL, the recycling labelling and recyclable packaging design not-for-profit, has opened a new membership category for organisations sharing its goals. FSC UK are joined as inaugural members by Bio-based & Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA), the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA), IOM3 and the Packaging Federation.

The aim of OPRL’s Associate Membership scheme is to provide a framework for closer collaboration with other organisations, often having widely overlapping memberships, to provide mutual support, expertise and to promote each other’s activities in order to provide greater benefits to members. All the organisations are working to support the UK packaging sector in identifying and adopting sustainable packaging solutions. IOM3’s work to improve professional standards, BBIA and FSC UK’s work to promote sustainable materials sourcing, and FPA and the Packaging Federation’s representation and technical work across packaging suppliers and users contribute to fostering innovation in sustainability as the UK packaging sector prepares for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Jane Bevis, Chair of OPRL said: “We’re delighted that these 5 leading sector organisations, all longstanding friends and supporters of OPRL, are joining our Associate Membership scheme to make it easier for our scheme members to find the technical support, services and cpd events they need as they get ready for EPR. This further strengthens our outreach, anchored firmly in our strong relationships with our 7 Guarantors. Our memberships and, to some extent, our services overlap but we see that we can deliver greater value and drive sustainability faster by working closely together. This is all about collaboration for the greater good.

“We hope this is the start of something larger, true to our Purpose statement “To collaborate across the packaging value cycle to deliver circularity and a transformation in packaging resource efficiency.” All our organisations are proud to be a part of the UK’s global leadership in sustainable packaging and innovation and we believe we will all support our memberships better through this closer working.”

Rosie Teasdale, Executive Director of FSC UK, commented: “By collaborating with OPRL and others in the packaging sector, we hope to encourage a more holistic view, ensuring that packaging strategies include sustainable sourcing as well as designing in circularity. We look forward to working together to improve communication and understanding of the sustainable credentials of packaging.”

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